Bucket of Doom: Death Defying Party Game

Ever wondered how you’d escape from a pack of bloodthirsty vegans, with only a pack of crayons, a Kinder Egg and a pair of nipple tassels to help you? Well we have. And we’ve turned it into a delightfully dark adult party game that’ll prepare you for all sorts of doomsday scenarios.

So, for anyone who has a passion for adult party games like Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, a penchant for storytelling or just a bit of a death wish, this is the party game for you. From human centipedes to evil dictators, irate lobsters to runaway sperm – this adult game is like Pandora’s box (except it comes in a Bucket).

Bucket of Doom: Death Defying Party Game

How do you play?

– Start by reading out a Doom Card – this is going to describe your perilous scenario for the round.
– Each player is handed out five useless object cards.
– One by one, players must choose one of their object cards and tell everyone the story of how they used that one object to make their getaway.
– Once everyone’s told their story, players vote for their favourite.
– The player with the most votes wins the round and takes the Doom Card.
– The first player to collect three Doom Cards – wins!

“One of those great adult party games, ideal for all occasions except funerals.”

“The progress for adult games has grown a million miles from where it started and we must thank Bucket of Doom for carrying it even further.”

“Grab a copy before the Daily Mail finds out”