One of my favourite games is Mansions of Madness. I love most Fantasy Flight Games board and table-top games but this one is really special. The cooperative nature, the clever combination of app and board and the tone of the narrative all combine to make each game session a really immersive experience, akin to being inside a film or play. We often start a game, play a few hours and then leave it to return later. That way we’re still fresh and making good decisions; in my experience, the sheer complexity of the game and the number of moving parts requires some proper brain power. This is NOT a drinking-friendly game!

It’s worth investing the time and playing a few rounds to get the hang of the mechanics; if you love this sort of game, you’ll be hooked. There are a wide range of missions with different difficulty settings included in the basic game and a plethora of expansions to keep you busy. Be very conscious of the difficulty settings though; the hardest games are really hard and usually require at least 4 characters!

One last tip, stay together as much as possible and come to each others’ aid quickly. The missions all require a mix of attributes and equipment and just like in most horror B-movies, splitting up almost always ends in disaster!

Oh, and watch out for the final credits if one of your party dies, I promise it will ruin your evening ;-D