July 2019

Tears in rain

2019-07-29T13:11:29+01:0025th July, 2019|All|

This week saw the sad demise of a towering icon of my youth, the great and somewhat underrated Rutger Hauer. From an early age I enjoyed many of his performances; from the brooding and terrifying John Ryder in The Hitcher to the comical but touching Nick Parker in Blind Fury. Of course, all of these roles pale [...]

Choose Life?

2019-07-25T10:30:19+01:0025th July, 2019|All|

Five reasons why board games are better than Real Life: 1. The rules are written down clearly, in your language, often with diagrams 2. You get to choose with whom you play 3. If you don't like a game you can always stop playing and pick another one 4. Your mother doesn't care which board game you [...]

Airport Anarchy

2019-07-22T07:54:31+01:0022nd July, 2019|All, Ideas|

While sitting waiting for a delayed flight home the other day, it occurred to me that someone should develop a board or card game encapsulating the full airport experience in all its horror. There have been a few games based around flight operations or airlines, but nothing for the passengers. Players would compete to check their bags, [...]

Pure Madness

2019-07-20T12:31:01+01:0019th July, 2019|All, Reviews|

One of my favourite games is Mansions of Madness. I love most Fantasy Flight Games board and table-top games but this one is really special. The cooperative nature, the clever combination of app and board and the tone of the narrative all combine to make each game session a really immersive experience, akin to being inside a [...]


2019-07-22T14:38:31+01:0018th July, 2019|All, Introduction|

Welcome to the first of a series of rambling commentaries on a wide range of subjects usually related to the wonderful world of board, party, card and table top games and gaming in general. I expect this will largely consist of the thoughts and ideas that stream through my brain on a daily basis, some of which [...]